Other Brands

Caldo are able to offer an extensive range of products from:

CASTROL including Edge, Magnatec, GTX, Enduron, Tection, Assuron, Spheerol, Optimol, Magna, Agricastrol, Dynadrive, TFC, Aircol, Cooledge, TQD, TQF, Rustilo, Hyspin, Perfecto, Ilobroach, Alpha, Ilocut, Icematic, TTS, CLS, GPS, R4, Anvol, Clearedge, Anvol, LMX, EPX, Syntrax

Castrol Edge

MORRIS LUBRICANTS – Multivis, Multilife, Servol, Ring-Free, Lodexol, Croma, Race, Alto, Terralus, Adgel, Abgel, Prima, Golden Film, Duplex, Liquimatic, Lodexol, Lydian, Magnol, Morendo, Multilife, Multivis

MOBIL OILS – Mobil 1, DTE, Mobilux, Delvac, Rarus, Vactra, Vacuoline, Gargoyle, Glygoyle, Pegasus, SHC, Velocite, Mobilfluid, XP, Mobilgrease

SHELL OILS – Helix, Rimula, Harvella, Tellus, Morlina, Omala, Alvania, Cassida, Corena, Donax, Dromus, Ensis, Retinax, Spirax, Super, Tonna
ESSO – Unirex

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