Caldo Manufacture High Quality Lubricants

Our own blending facilities keep up to date with current lubricant specifications and OEM manufacturer recommendations. Caldo use only premium quality additives from the world’s leading suppliers, these are HOT blended with the highest quality solvent refined base oils to provide Premium Quality Lubricants.

We also have the ability to mix a wide range of liquids, including water and solvent based formulations. With our highly flexible blending, packing and labelling operation, and in-house design and print facilities, Caldo provide a range of individualised branded lubricants and packaging options to suit all kinds of customer requirements available as an “off the shelf” own brand solution – from stock!! From the bespoke design, manufacture and distribution of a whole range of products to the customization of a single pack, contact us. Locations to find out more about how a Caldo solution or contract filling option [link]contract filling can work for your business.

Caldo Supply BRANDED Lubricants from the Worlds Major Oil Companies

Caldo are stockists and suppliers of Q8Oils, Castrol, Morris, Mobil, Millers, Stuarts, Shell, Exxon, Exol etc etc

In particular Caldo are pleased to be a main distributor of Q8Oils here in the UK, delivering daily throughout North Wales, the North West of England, and the South West of England.

Q8Oils are one of the world’s leading oil companies, with a unique, innovative and progressive approach that produces some of the world’s finest quality lubricants.

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